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Utransport is an online hub, using market leading technology to connect people seeking road freight quotes with transport carriers, who are available at the right time and price.

This means you can move anything anywhere, anytime.

It is free to request a quote from our carriers and we do not charge commission fees.

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Step 1
What do you need transported?
Post details on what you need transported to our community, the more information the better. Receive quotes from approved carriers. There is no obligation to accept any quotes provided
Step 2
Carriers and Shippers speak directly
All subscribed carriers can contact shippers directly via phone, email or the Utransport messaging system making it really easy to receive an accurate quote
Step 3
Carriers and Shippers can speak directly to organise delivery and payment. When your load is delivered feel free to leave a review so everyone knows how easy it was!
How it Works
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About Utransport

Utransport is an online transport marketplace where shippers can request transport quotes and we notify our network of carriers Australia wide.

Utransport was founded in 2021 to offer shippers straight forward access to transport companies who can complete their jobs. Carriers set their own rates which are not shared publicly. Utransport can provide you with interstate truck transport quotes.

For shippers we want to make the process of receiving and accepting transport quotes as easy as possible, whether you are seeking the cheapest interstate car transport or machinery transport our network of carriers are able to provide transport quotes.

Transport companies and owner operator truck drivers can check out our load board to get full truck loads or help fill backloads with freight to make routes as profitable as possible. Every day there are empty trucks looking for loads in Australia and we want to connect those businesses with suitable freight, quickly and easily.

Completely free to request transport quotes
No commission fees- deal direct with your carrier
Communicate directly with transport carriers
National Coverage - Australia wide
Multiple quotes to suit your budget & schedule
Instant notification of requests to transport carriers